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EMFprotect has been offering shielding paint with grphene technology since January 2019, promoted and sold as emfturtal.

Our products reliably shield HF & LF loads.

EMF-TURTAL is an electrically conductive primer coating using graphene technology for protection against ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF) emitted from mobile phones, transmitter masts, electrical transmitting devices such as LTE, WLAN, UMTS, DECT, GSM, 3G, 4G and especially 5G.
Since we rely on the latest technology, the shielding properties of EMF-TURTAL are the highest level with 29 dB up to 58 dB and our protection is independently tested and proven, please see see expert opinion(200 g/m² to 300 g/m² dry weight – differs depending on layer thickness and frequency.) Radiation protection is achieved through a specific weight of paint per square metre and measured against different exposures.

We intentionally avoid using solvents and antifreeze in our paint allowing considerably lower emmisions from drying giving a better, safer inner climate to your home.



Shielding paint


EMFs influences can affect our health, disturbing physical and biological processes so much so that serious illnesses such as cancer can be triggered. The effect of EMFs is accumalative, affecting every living organism whether it is noticed induvidually or not.


 Abschirmfarbe Elektrosmog


EMF shielding at the highest level.


Especially fast drying time.


Effective and efficient shielding for HF and LF loads.


Easy to apply.




Low emission.


Graphene technology.

Clever solutions for your well being.

Effective shielding for electrosmog.

Ingenious in its effect – Easy to apply.

Our shielding paint reliably protects against high and low-frequency radiation such as 3/4/5G, LTE, WLAN, DECT due to highly effective, reflective properties. Our product EMF-TURTAL has a whole range of sophisticated features: Graphene technology: a special formulation (for reflecting electromagnetic high-frequency radiation particles) developed over many years of research. We have achieved with our latest innovative product high shielding values of 29 to 58 dB* (at 40 Ghz up to maximum 58 dB with 2 layers,
65 dB with 3 layers – see expert opinion)** (depending on layer thickness 200 g/m² to 300 g/m² and frequencies) 5G radiation protection Shielding paint.

You see: The special feature of our product lies in the detail. In order to achieve these high shielding values for our customers, we have carried out years of intensive research work with graphite and graphene technology and use high-quality raw materials (graphite) for our product. These meet our strict requirements and achieve the desired end result even with state-of-the-art technology and high frequencies.

In order to keep the end prices for our customers lean – despite the use of qualitative materials – we do without an unnecessary water head of costs and can thus offer the end user a very favourable price/performance ratio for this quality, despite the use of high-quality ingredients and raw materials. Our powder colour solution is also inexpensive and easy to process by the customer himself. Like conventional wall paint, it can be easily painted with an acrylic paint roller, is smudge-proof and can be easily painted over with most conventional wall paints.

In our shop you will find many shielding solutions for a good life without electro smog.

Take a look at our extensive product range (shop) and protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution today. Your well-being will thank you for it.

Our goal in developing our shielding paint was to create something of value for people. Stay healthy.

*Ø-value – 29 – 58 dB (varies depending on frequency & layer thickness 200 g/m² to 300 g/m² dry weight)
** at high frequencies of 40 GHz we achieve up to max. 58 dB to  65 dB (for coated layers of 200 g/m² to 300 g/m² dry weight)



Abschirmfarbe bei Elektrosensiblen Menschen hilft.Abschirmfarbe bei Elektrosmog

Shielding for each area

EMF-TURTAL Shielding Paint is aimed at different target groups and is interesting for:
Shielding of buildings, private households, industry, medical facilities, building and restoration trade as well as for server rooms and the security industry.

Shielding paint for electrosmog 5G and WLan

Private households:
For private consumers EMF-TURTAL is a cost-effective way to protect bedrooms and living areas from electromagnetic influences. Thus with little effort (simple painting of the walls) the majority of negative EMF influences in the living area can be shielded.

Shielding paint against E-smog

In the industrial sector EMF-TURTAL is ideal for shielding sensitive production sites where computerized systems and devices do their job and must not be influenced by external signals or waves. Shielding from the outside is often necessary in industry, as new developments or strategies – such as sensitive internal company data – should not be allowed to leak out. Here too EMF-TURTAL offers possibilities and solutions to prevent this.

Shielding paint protects against mobile phone radiation and 5G

Medical facilities:
Also in medical applications such as computer tomography (CT) and intensive care units in hospitals, shielding with shielding paint from electromagnetic waves is becoming more and more necessary due to the increasing occurrence of such waves.

Electrosmog mobile phone masts 5g shield better with shielding paint.

Building and restoration trade:
The building and restoration industry is very interested in cost-effective shielding measures, as more and more customers who build houses – or renovate their property – are asking for possibilities of EMF minimization.

for electrosmog shielding paints against mobile phone masts mobile phone radiation.

Security industry:
In governmental, intelligence service buildings – as well as in public authorities or banks – a shielding of the internal network – like the protection against unwanted technical devices (bugs) – is possible with EMF-TURTAL. This ensures that sensitive information does not leak out via wireless data transmission.

What’s “electro smog”?

Electrosmog or E-Smog is a colloquial term that describes the daily stress on humans and the environment caused by artificial, technically generated, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Electro-magnetic fields and stress can have an extremely negative effect on your health and general well-being. More and more studies have come to this conclusion: Mobile radiation is dangerous for the body and can contribute to the development of tumours. Even court rulings have confirmed that brain tumors can be triggered by daily phone calls. Further studies have found a significant correlation between mobile radio radiation and oxidative stress – here, too, there is a possible correlation with the development of tumors.Mobilfunkmasten und 5G abschirmen

Abschirmfarbe bei Handystrahlung zum abschirmen von 5G w-lan Strahlu


Electric DC fields

Electrostatics, plastics, air ionisation, indoor climate and high-voltage cables


Alternating electric fields

Electrical installations, lights, ballasts, cables, etc.


Electromagnetic radiation

mobile radio transmitter, mobile phone, mobile internet, tablets, babyphone, microwave, game consoles, WLAN, 5G


Magnetic alternating fields

Heating blankets, differential currents, transformers, radio alarm clocks, laptops, monitors, care beds